My name is Gunnar McGriff, and I'm currently a senior at Trabuco Hills High School. As I move forward, I'm looking into schools of Digital Arts and Animation, which have been passions of mine since childhood. I've drawn pictures since I could hold a pencil, and being able to see my creations come to life through animation is thrilling.

I enjoy drawing cartoon people and monsters—anything that strikes my imagination—and my favorite part of creating characters has always been getting into their head to some extent, and understanding what makes them tick. That's what makes for entertaining stories.

When not drawing, animating or filming, I enjoy reading, hiking and practicing falconry with my family. I recently earned my Eagle Scout rank for renovating the Orange County Bird of Prey Center, a nonprofit foundation that rehabilitates injured hawks, falcons, eagles and owls. 

Weighted High School GPA: 4.27
SAT Score (first attempt): 2300


About Me